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by Jon Hoffnerh

How I got into Photography

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I come from a long line of photographers, you could say it’s in my blood. My father traveled the world as part of his job, and in doing such always brought with him his trusty Canon. He captured wonderful pictures; landscapes, mountains, cities and their people. He captured memories from a full lifetime with that camera, and although it never amounted to more than a hobby for him, his pictures rival those of professionals, with angles and prospective that capture the image perfectly. This hobby of my dad’s instilled within myself, and all my siblings, a true passion for this art form.

My whole family took photography in high school, having a superb teacher who released our passion for photography from underneath a rock. I would spend hours after school in the dark room, developing film, going over hundreds of negatives on a light table, looking for that perfect image, and then working the image, trying to expose the image just right. I would dodge out and burn in, working with different lighting techniques trying to get that image on paper to match the one in my head.

As time went on and I graduated high school, I also figuratively graduated into the 21st century, and took on the intimidating digital photography world. I moved on from film photography to digital, as I don’t have a dark room, nor access to one. In working with digital, you can see just how far technology has taken us. Instead of working over an archaic light machine, working an image, burning through countless sheets of expensive light sensitive photography paper, you can sit in your recliner and edit picture on your computer using Photoshop, and the best part about it is… you can edit the picture with the lights on!

From there we have all continued that passion, branching out, each of us finding our own niche. My sister specializes in urban cityscapes, where my brother does quite the opposite, capturing the untouched wilderness in natural landscapes. Me, I took more of a personal touch, after all, I am the social one, I like to capture people, and their emotions. What better way of capturing people, their emotions and their memories than in wedding photography (and it actually pays!). I love what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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March 4th, 2014 at 9:51 am

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