Why I’m A Wedding Photographer in Minneapolis

What better job is there to work in an environment that is filled with constant joy? Being a wedding photographer in Minneapolis is such an the best job with the best environment a person could ask for. Sure, some days there’s just as much stress as joy, (for the couples as well as myself) however, despite all the stress, it is the happiest day of the couples’ lives, and I have the privilege of capturing every minute of it. My job is to preserve these joyous moments and make them memories that will last forever. That is my art.

Unless you have a jealous ex who crashes the wedding (can you say, “Awkward”), everybody loves a wedding, everyone enjoys themselves, and everyone has fun. Weddings are not funerals, in fact they’re quite the opposite, not that anyone is being born rather than dying, but in the sense that weddings are not a somber time, they’re a time to celebrate, and I get to be smack dab in the middle of it all. I capture moments, feelings, and emotions, so that anyone who was there can look back on my pictures years later, and say, “I remember that, it was so much fun!” I turn moments into memories.

I also understand that people can’t always make it to weddings, for one reason or another, and I see it as my duty to them to capture the day, in order to make the people who must regretfully not attend feel as if they were there, as if they didn’t miss a thing. I’ve had to miss several of my good friends’ weddings and feel terrible for not making it; I understand and know that things come up, that money is sometimes tight, and that one must fulfill other obligations. With that in mind, job is to make them feel welcome, as if they were there and did not miss a thing. I am the eyes for those who cannot see it.

When looking through wedding photographer in Minneapolis reviews you see a lot of variation. It is my goal to provide the best photography service overall!

I love working in such a joyous field, I love getting to know my clients not just as clients, but as friends and capturing my friends’ moments and make them memories. I love seeing the joy on my friends’ faces and want to preserve that in such a way that they will always be able to look back at their wedding pictures and smile.

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

One of the most confusing, and sometimes frustrating, experiences for those planning a wedding is choosing a wedding photographer and videographer. While there are literally hundreds of tips and techniques one may use to identify the be photographer for their wedding, some methods are considered paramount in the decision making process. The following elements are tried-and-true methods to not only locate, but secure a knowledgeable and professional wedding photographer. Remember, wedding photographs are among the most priceless moments of your wedding day. Therefore, it’s essential you take great care when choosing a wedding photographer. While its ok to start with a basic Minneapolis Wedding Videography or Photography search, make sure you delve a lot deeper than just their website before making a decision.

Choosing a Wedding Photography Who is Experienced

There are two elements one must comprehend regarding the experience of a photographer. The first of these is determining his experience as a photographer. While you shouldn’t discredit a new photographer, as they may have solid skills, it’s always best to go with a photographer or studio who has years of experience working as a wedding, portrait or commercial photographer. While this element is paramount, his experience shooting weddings are of equal or greater importance.

While a photographer may have been in business for 20 years, he may only shoot two to four weddings per year. Therefore, he may not be as well-suited for the job as someone who has been working as a professional photographer for 7 years, but has shot 20 successful weddings.

Does the Photographer or Videographer Carry Insurance?

Considering an accident or injury on your wedding day is not something any bride or groom wishes to dwell upon. However, accidents do happen. Therefore, it’s paramount that a photographer carries proper business insurance to protect him, his equipment and his clients. In the most basic terms, liability business insurance protects the photographer or videographer from liability should a patron of your wedding trip over the photography equipment and become injured. If a photographer doesn’t cover his practice with general business and liability insurance, then you must question his professionalism.

What Happens if the Photographer is Unable to Attend?

There have been countless weddings practically ruined because a wedding photographer suddenly became ill or injured and was unable to attend the event. While this is a situation no one can predict, you must work with a photographer who has a contingency plan. Never sign a contract without a secondary photographer being available; however, make sure you review the back-up photographers’ portfolio and shooting style. If possible, try to have a meeting or an interview with him or her prior to your wedding.

How I Photograph Weddings

Once you’ve shot the first couple weddings and start to come into your own as a wedding photographer, each photographer may photograph weddings using their unique style of shooting. It is very important for the couple to “shop around” and look at different wedding photography mn. Wedding Photographers in MN have different styles and ways of approaching a wedding day.

When I photograph weddings, I focus on 6 different categories of the day that each tell a unique storyline of the same beautiful story.

1. The Bride
From the first light of daybreak or before, the bride and her wedding party are up and preparing for the special day. Each part of the preparation is meaningful and very exciting to the bride and is a must to capture.

2. The Groom
The groom and his wedding party is paints a whole different picture. Unlike the bride and her wedding party, these guys usually sleep in, more than likely suffering from a hangover from the bachelor party the night before, and sluggishly meander in around midday to get ready. Instead of the pure excited delirium of the bride’s storyline, the groom and his wedding party take a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere. I like to show the contrast between these two storylines while they prepare for the same event.

3. The Ceremony
The ceremony is the most important and hardest part of the wedding to shoot. Unlike some photographers who get in the way of everyone and ruin a lot of perfect photo-ops from family and friends, I tend to take the fly on the wall approach, but still try and get the best pictures possible.

4. The Reception
The reception is the most fun for me to shoot. The formalities of the ceremony are of and it’s time to PARTY! Everyone is relaxed and having fun, and I feed off that energy. I love shooting on the dance floor! After all, your Great Uncle George put a lot of effort into busting that move and risked throwing out a hip breaking it down on the dance floor, I think that deserves to be captured.

5. Details
Someone put a lot of time and effort into the details which bring the whole thing together, and like the old phrase goes, “The devil is in the details”. If someone put a lot of hard work into creating the beautiful details, I’m going to honor their hard work and show that beauty. In this storyline I like to focus on everything from vases to kegs, and everything in between.

6. The People
I love to capture the family and friends of the bride and groom. It is like a giant family reunion joining the two families of the bride and groom together for the first time. I love to capture introductions, laughing, sharing, and loving.

How to Assist A wedding Photographer

One of the biggest mistakes a wedding party can make when it comes to how they interact with their photographer is believing he does not need any assistance. While it’s true, you should not go to the lengths of an actual photographer assistance, the level of cooperation between the photographer and the wedding party can either hinder or enhance the overall experience and image qualities. When you put a little extra effort into how you interact with the photographer, this small effort result in breathtaking photographs that are genuine and professional.

While there are many ways a wedding party can assist a photographer, the following are the easiest, yet most effective, in ensuring the entire experience is positive and full of fun energy.

The Bride and Dress Are One – Never allow the bride and dress to be separated. One of the most common, and most annoying, issues many photographers have to face is having a bride, but not dress because its caretaker is late or lost. By delaying the first round of photographs, it can throw off the entire day’s schedule, which does nothing to alleviate wedding day stress.

Delegate Bride and Groom Driver – While many bridesmaids and groomsmen want to ride with the bride and groom, if one person in their party is running late, it can disrupt the entire functionality of the wedding. Because of this, designate a specific driver and car for both the bride and groom. This way, the special couple can maintain their busy schedule without having to worry about delays being caused by others.

Allow Extra Time – This is the most important way you can assist a photographer. Give every duty more time than required. For example, add an additional 30 minutes to the hair and makeup timeframe. This ensures if any unforeseen events delay a specific activity, this delay won’t disrupt the schedule you made by the photographer.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – The most frustrating experience for a photographer, and a wedding party, is miscommunication. Therefore, it’s paramount that all parties remain in constant and accurate communication. If one person is running late, immediately notify all parties. With constant communication, change can be implemented to make the most out of the time the photographer has. Without proper communication, the photographer will likely end up sitting in a chair while the missing puzzle pieces try to be located.